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The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has been spreading around the world, posing enormous threats to the public health and formidable challenges to the global economy. As a multilateral tax dialogue platform, the BRITACʘM is taking its unique advantages to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and boost the social and economic development of the world in tax aspect. This page brings together latest information in respect of valuable practices and exploration from all Members, Observers and other stakeholders of the BRITACʘM.

News for virus fight

The Inaugural Issue of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal Came off the Press

As an official journal of the State Taxation Administration of People’s Republic of China and BRITACOM, the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Journal (BRI Tax Journal) aims to serve as an important platform for communication and cooperation among tax administrations of the BRI jurisdictions and beyond, through which BRITACOM members, observers and other stakeholders can share insights for the formulation and development of effective tax policies and tax systems, and exchange innovative practices and invaluable experience. The inaugural issue of the BRI Tax Journal features the most pressing issue that is currently being faced by every country and region in the world—COVID-19. It focuses on preferential tax policies and taxpayer service packages of various countries and regions during the COVID-19 time, featuring policy effect analysis, hands-on experience and insights from multiple perspectives including those of international organization, industry experts and scholars.

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BRITACʘM to Issue Special Edition of BRITACʘM Update on COVID-19

In order to provide a platform for BRITACʘM Council Members and Observers to exchange views and share experience in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, a special edition on COVID-19 is issued. We are inviting BRITACʘM Council Members, Observers and other stakeholders to contribute to the Special Edition with topics related to measures, policies rolled out by tax administrations and their experience or practices as well as insights from international organizations or experts. The Special Edition is updated regularly.



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